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The Drying Up of Lake Mead

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Water is everywhere, it seems.

A transferee from San Andres, Manila to La Paz, Makati, I experienced fetching water from a neighbors hand pumped well. That was difficult when you were only 7 years old.

The same situation in the 60s when I was visiting my father's hometown of Arumahan, Lemery, Batangas. Water in steel container was transported in horseback several kilometers downstream. Now, water is piped in.

I could imagine the dire condition of people from around Lake Mead in the USA when it dries up. They have to fetch water as I did. But fr om where? The area is mostly desert and mountainous.

An article from - "Lake Mead Could Be Within Few Years of Going Dry, Study Finds" by Felicity Barringer of The New York Times shows declining water level of the lake.

The full text of the article could be found at

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