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How Corruption Is Reported In Brunei

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Here's a local news from Brunei lifted from Borneo Bulletin Online.

"Flying letters" tops list of how corruption is reported

by Achong Tanjong
The source of complaints and how individuals make reports to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) were among the topics highlighted by its Acting Director Hj Abd Raub at a presentation during a recent visit by Brunei IV's religious teachers to ACB.

He said that "flying letters" tops the list of corruption tips (sources) received by the bureau from individuals who complain about suspicious activities.

This is followed by telephone calls, official letters from individuals, e-mails, SMS, newspapers, officials letters from ministries and sources from individuals working in the department or those who come to the ACB office.

He said that individuals wishing to make reports on corruption can come forward to ACB or its officers could meet them at other places.

The name of the complainer would be kept top secret, he said, emphasising that it will not be revealed to anyone.

He added that corruption does not just entail money but also any illegal course of action.

The bureau, under the Prime Minister's Office and through it Community Relation and Support Service Section, will continue to conduct educational campaigns by holding talks, forums, seminars and road shows.

It has also published promotional programmes, brochures and other related educational publications towards eradicating corruption in the country.

According to Hj Abd Raub, Brunei is one of the advanced nations that have introduced corruption prevention education at grassroots up to university level.

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